1. Regulations & forms of payment

Customers can choose the most convenient and suitable form for them:

    • Option 1: Customers can pay cash directly at Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Management Service Company Limited (BEMMS Co., Ltd) address: No.22, Street 5A, Binh Tri Dong B Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
    • Option 2: Customers can pay by bank transfer, after that BEMMS will deliver goods / deploy the service according to the agreement or contract with customers.

Note: The content of the transfer specifies your full name and for which product / service. After the transfer, BEMMS will contact to confirm and deliver the goods. If after the agreed period of time BEMMS does not deliver goods or does not respond, you may submit a complaint directly to the address of the office and claim if the delay proves to affect the business of customers.

For customers who want to buy in bulk for business or wholesale, please contact BEMMS directly for a reasonable price policy. And the payment will be made according to the contract.
BEMMS is committed to transparent, legal, quality sales and sourced business

2. Complaint handling policy

  • Receive all customer complaints related to the use of BEMMS services.
  • All warranty cases, you can contact BEMMS for warranty procedures.
  • The time limit for settling a complaint is within 03 (three) working days after receiving a complaint from the customer. In force majeure circumstances, the two parties will negotiate on their own.

3. Shipping policy, delivery & installation

Normally after receiving the order information BEMMS will process the order within 24 hours and respond to customer information about payment and delivery. Delivery time usually ranges from 3-5 days from the end of the order or by agreement with customers when ordering. However, there are also cases where the delivery is longer but only occurs in the following force majeure circumstances:

  • BEMMS staff cannot contact customers via phone and cannot deliver goods.
  • The shipping address provided by the customer is incorrect or difficult to find.
  • The sudden increase in orders has slowed the order processing.
  • The partner supplying the goods more slowly than expected caused the delivery to be delayed or the shipping partner was delayed.

Regarding shipping charges, BEMMS uses external shipping services, so freight will be charged according to the cost of the shipping units depending on the location and volume of the order, when contacting to confirm the order with the customer. will quote specific rates for customers.
Particularly for provincial customers wishing to buy in bulk or wholesale customers if they want to buy products, BEMMS will rely on the delivery service of shipping companies and the fee will be charged according to the charges of the service providers. transport or contractual agreement between 2 parties.

4. Policy of exchange / return & refund

Cases are exchanged / returned

  • Products purchased but not satisfied: Buyers can return goods when not satisfied within 1 hour of receipt, BEMMS will exchange products for customers. Products that need to be exchanged or returned should be kept in their original, unopened, unused products. There are no longer any stamps or broken boxes. No distortion, deformation.
  • Defective product – Expiry date: Please check the product before payment. In case the product is damaged during shipping, please refuse and return the product to BEMMS.
    Product cannot be used immediately upon delivery: First, take the time to carefully read the user manual and make sure the product is right for your needs. Please contact us immediately for assistance with returning the item.
  • Products delivered not according to orders: Do you think the products delivered to you are not true to orders? Please contact us as soon as possible, our system will check if your goods were mistakenly sent. In that case, we will replace the item you requested (when available).

Conditions change delivery

  • Conditions of time for return and exchange: within 1 day after receiving the goods and must contact us immediately to call us on the phone number above to be confirmed to return or change.
  • Conditions for returning goods:
    • Returned products must be in their original condition
    • Warranty card (if any) and stamps of BEMMS company on the product are intact.
    • The return / exchange product must still have all boxes, Instruction and use instructions.
    • You bear the cost of shipping, packaging, collecting money, contact costs up to 20% of the order value.
  • Return process
    • Step 1: After receiving the item. Please check carefully 1 time before receiving the goods. If there is a problem please contact the Customer Support Center at the time the delivery staff is still there. The case after the delivery staff has gone – If you want to change the return, you can contact BEMMS to be processed and schedule a return delivery
    • Step 2: After the customer support center announces the appointment to receive the goods returned

5. Warranty / maintenance policy

1. Where warranted:

  • Products within the warranty period
  • Products are warranted in accordance with the supplier
  • You present the warranty card when warranty.

2. Where not covered by warranty:

  • The product has expired the warranty card or lost the warranty card.
  • Warranty card does not specify product code and date of purchase.
  • Product numbers and Warranty cards do not match or cannot be determined for any reason.
  • The product is scratched due to long-term use
  • Products are dented, deformed due to a collision
  • Customers voluntarily interfere with the product’s machine or take it to another repair place.

3. Conditions for returning or refunding 100%:

  • Product found defective by the manufacturer on delivery.
  • The product is not the same as the one you ordered on the BEMMS website.
  • Note:
  • Customers need to return and exchange within 7 working days from the time you receive goods.
  • Returned products need intact labels, boxes, original packaging of the product as when you received the goods at the beginning.